Sunday 20th September 2020 Peschiera del Garda (VR)


Expo Area: Peschiera del Garda, Porta Brescia

  • To collect bib numbers and race packet you have to show the original receipt of payment and your card or medical certificate (for agonists and for cyclists). The bib number can be picked up by someone else by submitting a written prox (please specifiy date of birth of the delegator)
  • For sports groups, whose cumulative registrations must be provided by the society, the group leader must show the list of entries and the original receipt of payment
  • For all participants of any route: no registrations or replacement will be accepted on the race day. In case of failure to participate, the registration fee will not be returned. If this is communicated by fax to the organization by June 1st, 2019 the amount paid will be kept as valid for the next edition, with the charge of 5 euros for costs of the secretariat.
  • In case of cancellation of the event due to major force the fee will not be refunded

The event is open to all holders of the cycling membership card of both sexes who have reached eighteen (18) years, enrolled at ACSI cycling, FCI or a Promotion society part of the National Consultation Authority of cycling or in possession of an international pass/card accepted by the UCI.

Non-members cyclists and agonists can participate to the event by sending the following documents at registration: medical certificate for competitive cycling activities (required, as per ministerial decree and as reported on ACSI CYCLING) + daily card for Euro 10,00 (validity of the insurance cover is limited to the duration of the sporting event), together with the signing of ethical declaration

The pro, the elite (men and women) and those under 23 are admitted exclusively for promotional purposes and subject to invitation from the organizing committee, and will not take part in the ranking. Although not specified in the present, the technical regulations of ACSI will be applied. The participant relieves the organizer of any responsibility about their physical conditions to take part to the race; he also claims to have trained properly with care. The organizing committee has the right to refuse unwanted entries.

Registrations to the Granfondo will be closed in advanced if the number of 1.500 participants will be achieved.

Official Opening:
December 15, 2019
Entries Fees and Registration Terms:

Standard Entry

  • € 35,00 until April 30, 2020
  • € 40,00 from May 01, 2020 to August 31, 2019
  • € 45,00 from September 01 till 1.500 number of participants is reached

Physically Challenged Athletes

€ 20,00

GOLD Entry

(only 50 bibs available): € 200. It includes:
  • Front start (bib number from 1 to 100) along with sports champions guests
  • Personalized bib number with your name printed
  • Official GF Sunday Lunch
From February 07, register online trough the website
Register NOW!

Purchase your entry either by

  • BANK TRANSFER without extra fees
  • ONLINE PAYMENT with a little extra fee

Detailed info at

  • 1-200 GOLD – VIPs, champion guests, sponsors
  • 201-650 SILVER Participants enrolled in the combined Granfondo Colnago, first 50 men classified in the Zero Wind Show, first 70 men classified during 2018/2019 edition, first 25 women classified during 2018/2019, the other bib numbers will be held based on the date of registration
  • 651-1100 BRONZE grid: by date of registration
  • 1101-1700 BLACK Grid: by date of registration

Please take your place into the assigned grid. Each athlete will be provided with its own CHIP.


The maximum time to complete the Granfondo route is, for safety reasons, not more than 5 hours after the start.


Road traffic is open. Please respect and observe the Highway Code. All participants must stay on the right side of the road.


It includes a technical gadget by Ekoi, snack and power bars, and a voucher to entry the pasta party


Top 3 overall M/F
Top 5 for M & F categories
Junior M (19-29 years), Senior M (30-39 years), Veteran M (40-49 years), Gentlemen M (50-59 years), Super Gentlemen A (60-64 years), Super Gentlemen B (65- 74 years), Women: 1st group (19-39), Women: 2nd group (40-75)
Top three teams with the highest number of participants will be awarded.


The timing service will be provided by SMS, the official distributor of the brand Winning Time. Each athlete will be provided with his own Winning Time Chip for ranking. It will be possible to use only the "Personal Winning Time Chip regularly "ACTIVATED” for the current season, or the Daily Chip valid only for the event. All other chips will not be working.

You’ll have your "Personal Winning Time Chip" activated at the Chip Point for the price of € 10. Otherwise on the web site within the last weekend before the race at the price of € 5.

Those who do not own a chip, can purchase a new one at the race packet pick up from the SMS CHIP POINT. The cost is € 15.00 and will be valid immediately. Athletes can mount the chip between the wheel and fork of their bike using a special plastic case. Otherwise athletes can also rent a chip, which will be valid for _ONLY one day_. A deposit of €10.00 is required (a refund of €5.00 will be given back at the end).

Athlets who rented the chip, should return it near the arrival, within 30 minutes after their arrival.

CAUTION: timing service IS NOT guaranted the for those who do not fix the Chip properly. Failure to activate the chip will result as exclusion from the race ranking. For any further information about the chip timing service please contact us at the following email:


Technical assistance and vehicles authorized by the Police and the organization, will come before the group in both routes. Only vehicles designated by the organization will be allowed on the route and provided with a special badge.


Police and Civil defence guarantee the supervision and control of the crossings and the most dangerous parts of the route. Each point is marked with a number that you'll see along the way.


Please pay close attention throughout the course of the event for possible thefts in bicycle; avoid leaving the vehicle unattended, even during the final "Pasta Party".


The organization provides SAG vehicle for participants who need support and assistance along the way; cyclists have to wait for thi vehicle when in need to get out of the route and reach the finish area.


All those who will be surprised to throw litter along the path will be reported to the Jury and excluded from the final ranking.